My name is Toan Nguyen and I will be your academic chair for this upcoming school year. I have been with the SHPE family ever since my freshman year and honestly one of my best decisions. I have made so many close friends along the way and had so many great memories. From studying together for upcoming tests to getting chick filla to going to lit retreats, we have done it all. These friends have help me grow to be a better person and to be more confident in myself. Thanks to SHPE, I am inspire to work for a competitive GPA and lucky enough to have an internship for the summer. If you guys have questions or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask me or any other members you see in the office. We’re all here to learn and grow from each other and survive the hell that is college. All in all, I am very excited for the upcoming year and to work hard with all of you guys!