Hello everyone, my name is Jesse Lopez-Aguilar and I’m majoring in Computer Engineering.

This is my first time holding a position in SHPE, but I was originally going to be a Kinesiology major so Athletic Chair isn’t too far off from that. I made the switch because I thought you could double major in Computer Engineering and Kinesiology. I guess they are a bit too different. My counselor told me that I could only major in one of them, so I chose Computer Engineering. I am glad that I made the switch (most of the time) because I would not have been able to join SHPE otherwise.

As for my goals, I want to get an internship for next summer, I want to get a 3.5 or higher next semester, and I would like to make the athletic events enjoyable for everyone. I’m really going to try to do those things and I hope I can say I succeeded at the end of the school year!