Hello my name is Allan Montalvo. I am a 2nd year student at CSULB majoring in Computer Engineering and currently AESB Representative for SHPE. My job as ASEB Representative is to go to AESB (Associated Engineering Student Body) meetings and inform AESB and the other organizations here on campus about the upcoming events and workshops SHPE is hosting. I also bring back information from the AESB meeting to SHPE so we are aware of upcoming events other organization are hosting or the college. The reason I ran for this position is because I wanted to help SHPE be active with the other organizations here on campus. I felt that we were not very connected to other organizations here on campus and I want us to be more active here on campus. A little bit of myself is I enjoy reading manga and watching anime during my free time. I also enjoy running and playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball. As well as playing any type of board games and Smash.