Hello, my name is Daniel Perez and I am currently a 3rd year studying Mechanical Engineering. A little background to myself is I love exploring new music genres. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar and working out at the gym. I also love playing basketball and baseball. Anyways, I am the Co-Athletics Chair for the CSULB SHPE chapter and my main goal is to create fun and exciting events that will get students to be active outside of class. I chose to run for this position because I was grateful to build stronger friendships through many of these athletic events such as the dodgeball tournament and basketball intramurals. I hope to provide the same service this year and hopefully make it more exciting by targeting sports/events that people enjoy most. I understand the struggle of being an engineering major and the importance of academics, however, I feel like with these events we can develop as a stronger SHPE chapter and become closer as friends.