My name is Daphne Gaspar and I going on to my 5th year of Electrical Engineering. I have been a member of SHPE since Fall ‘14 and have held various positions since then, including: Freshmen Round Table Representative, Fundraising Chair, Secretary, and now Professional Affairs. This past Summer I interned at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA and prior to that I interned at Ralphs/Food 4 Less Facility Engineering in Compton, CA.

     After I graduate with my B.S. in E.E. I plan to eventually come back to school and earn an M.B.A.  My goal is to work somewhere where I feel that my work is valued and where there is room for growth into managerial positions.

      I was lucky to know about SHPE coming into college. My dad was a VP for our CSULA chapter back in the mid-90’s, so it only makes sense that I too join SHPE. Although that got me through the doors, it wasn’t what made me stay. As the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, it is our job to promote STEM, not only to the hispanic community, but to anyone that is willing to learn.  SHPE has been a home for me these past 4 years and I have grown professionally and mentally thanks to the support of this group. That is why I continue to choose SHPE.