My name is Jorge Bernal and I am entering my 5th year as a Civil Engineering major. I have been a member of SHPE since August 2014 and will be holding my third position as a SHPE officer.  In the past I was athletics chair and events chair but I will be the AESB Representative for the 17/18 school year.  I have been blessed with two internships in my college career with the City of Santa Ana and Turner Construction.  Everything that I’ve gone through in my college experience could not have been possible without SHPE as this organization brings so many opportunities for success.  The main reason I joined SHPE as a freshman was because of the people and how easily I felt comfortable when joining.  SHPE is a second family where I have made so many life long friends that I know will always have my back.  One of my professional goals is to be licensed as a Professional Engineer and to one day be able to design my own house.