Hello, my name is Kenya Alfaro and I am a 5th year in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. I have been a part of SHPE for 4 years and have been an officer for all those years. I have been Historian, Treasurer, Events Chair, and finally Co-President. As you can tell I love SHPE, but why? I love SHPE because all the people in SHPE are minorities trying to get ahead in life. We all have goals! Being surrounded by goal-oriented people creates a positive mindset for all our members. My goal is to get my Ph.D. in Neuroengineering and eventually create my own research lab in a minority university like CSULB to promote diversity in research. I have been a part of a research-intensive program for 3 years and I work in a Neuroscience lab at CSULB. I conducted research at other institutions over the summer. I went to University of Georgia Summer 17’ and Brown University Summer 18’.  I believe I have been successful in my time at CSULB, but I credit my successes to the organizations I am a part of and the people in these organizations.