My name is Yasmine Garcia and I am a 5th year majoring in Mechanical Engineering. For this years board, I am currently the events chair. I was introduced to SHPE through Engineering at the Beach 2014-2015. Through Engineering at the Beach, I have met a couple of my lifelong friends and was introduced to the fast life of networking and getting involved with their events that they knew that as freshmen we’d benefit from, such as: RoundTable, GBM’s, Tutoring, and various workshops. I have always loved the diversity of SHPE, despite of the major differences everyone has always been willing to interact with your issues and if not relate, be able to get you through the norm college struggles. Initiating college, I came in with the game plan of leaving to the Air Force after surpassing health issues, however some friends (now alumni’s) helped me realize that it wasn’t for me. I’d be better finding my passions through college, whereas in the military you cannot surf around your specialties like you can in college. I’ve tried to explore many areas and see where I am more comfortable in, and my goal of staying in the roam of automotive engineering hasn’t faded. In hopes of being where I’m meant to be, SHPE has definitely guided me with their heavy support system, and seeing many prosper is a motivational factor that college students need.