Hello! My name is Fernando Jacinto and I am currently a 4th year studying Mechanical Engineering. I am the Co-President for the CSULB SHPE chapter and I am very excited to serve you along with Armando Moraza. I chose to run for Co-President this year because I am very grateful with what this organization has provided for me. This organization has presented me with a strong support system and provided me the necessary skills to carry myself as a student and a professional. Not long after I joined the organization, I was offered an internship with Northrop Grumman. These are the reasons why I chose to run for Co-President, because I want to give the same opportunities to anyone else that is interested. I hope to meet each and every single one of you and maybe we can grab some lunch. Stop by our office anytime to ask questions or just hang out. Have a great school year and wish to meet you all soon!